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Technical interviews are very common for positions which require specific knowledge and skill like computer programming, financial modeling, accounting, engineering design, medical/scientific research etc. There is usually a behavioral interview too for these positions to determine the fit for the organization. But the focus is on technical knowledge and skills.


The only way to ace technical interviews is to actually study. Brush up on all important concepts you studied in college. You cannot read those big fat books now but you should definitely go through your notes and cheat sheets. In technical interviews, they are testing your knowledge and there is no other way to crack these interviews than being really good in your field.


Most likely, you will be asked to design a program or system. You may be asked direct questions from the text books too. Or they may ask you to tell them a better way of doing certain things. In all these situations, only a thorough knowledge of your field will help. There is no short cut.


So if you expect to appear for a technical interview, start studying.


You should keep in mind that you cannot know everything in that field so focus on the basics. The rest you can learn on the job. If the interviewer goes too deep into the field because he is an expert in that, it is ok to let him know that you know the basics and you are good at learning new things so you can learn the rest on the job. A sensible person would be content with that answer.



Resources for Technical Interviews

A few good books


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