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This is the big day. Start well. Everything else will follow.


·        Sleep early the previous night so that you can get up early and fresh on the big day

·        Get up early

·        Go for a run, brisk walk or exercise

·        Be cheerful and greet people on the way – if you feel good, others will feel good around you and they will like you more

·        Have a good breakfast – you don’t want your stomach to be growling during the interview (especially if it’s a super Friday)

·        Take all the necessary documents, extra copies of your resume, a writing pad and pen, tissues, deodorant, comb and your cell phone

·        Speak with your family before you leave for the interview

·        Take a moment to pray and thank Him for this opportunity – ask for His benevolent intervention

·        Relax…..it is just an interview!


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