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Please send your resume for review to resume@interview101.com. Please allow two business days for the review. I will send you detailed comments on the following:

·        Impact

·        Format and style

·        Power words

·        Key skills that stand out from the resume

·        Specific tips on improvements


I charge $20 for the resume review. I had initially offered it for free and I got swamped with hundreds of resumes, most from people who had put-in no serious effort. Because I am serious about my time and feedback, I would like to keep this service restricted to people who are serious about their career advancement and can invest in their own future.


Please click here to pay through Paypal. The resume will be picked up for review after the payment is received.


Testimonials from candidates who got their resumes reviewed:


“Last year you helped many applicants, including me, review their resumes. I found your advice was very helpful indeed.” – Alan Chen Yuchuan


“Shabz - thanks for your comments....they were constructive and helpful.” – Farshed


“Whao, that was quick!!!
And your comments make a lot of sense. Thank you so much!!!” – Lionel Bony


“Thank you for your prompt response and for pointing me in the right direction” – Vera Sudjono


“Makes sense actually. Thanks for making me realize the mistakes I was making. I will have to start from step one but that’s better than doing the wrong thing. Thanks for your inputs.” – Faizan Chowdhury


“Thanks for your comments. They are really helpful. By the way, you have a very informative site. I liked it a lot.” – Andrey Moskovskikh


“Thank you for your precise instructions” – Takanobu Yamamoto


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