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This is the most common form of interviews for most jobs. The interviewer goes through the candidate’s resume and asks her questions on her education or prior work experience. The objective is to determine fit between the candidate and the position/company.


The interviewer knows the skills/qualities required for the job he is recruiting for. All he has to do is to ask questions to determine if the candidate has those skills or demonstrated ability to handle similar situations. It is a very straightforward interviewing technique. A thorough preparation with great amount of practice is all you need to pass these interviews successfully.


Candidates should take care of the following while appearing for resume based interviews:

·        Know exactly what you have written in your resume from top to bottom, every point in detail, every number should be memorized

·        Have a consistent and concise story for every point on the resume. Please refer to topics on ‘Preparing a script’ and ‘Practice interview questions’

·        Make sure that your stories are memorable and not boring or inconsequential

·        Prepare to have a single strong theme that comes out of every answer you give based on what the job needs.

·        Connect your answers so that they tell a consistent story and help the interviewer build a favorable image of yours in his mind


Resume based interviews are very predictable and hence it is very easy for you to prepare for and be successful with them. Research Thoroughly, Prepare Persistently and Perform Confidently to get that dream job you want. This website will help you do that.


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