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The best practice you can do is to go through a ton of mock interviews. Mock interviews help in the following ways:

        Highlight under-preparation

        Highlight gaps in content and delivery of answers

        Help in dealing with the nervousness before the interview

        Help you work on how to connect one answer to the next

        Highlight your small-talk skill

        Give you an opportunity to answer all types of questions


You should also practice all types of interviews whether resume based, stress, case studies or technical interviews. Also practice both in person and on the telephone. Prepare an evaluation sheet for yourself for every mock interview and see whether you improve from one to the next.


The important thing about mock interviews is that they should be conducted by someone who knows about interviewing and has an eye to observe gaps so as to suggest improvements. Spouse and friends are not the best interviewers unless they happen to be doing this professionally. Ask help from your school or college career center. They can help you with mock interviews and provide constructive feedback. Please click here to schedule a telephonic test interview.


Video Recording

When we speak, we do not know how we are being heard by the other person, what gestures of ours are getting extra attention, are we modulating our voice correctly, are their uncomfortable long pauses, are there lots of ums and ahs in our speaking? All these are important details to pay attention to and the only way to capture them is to do a video recording while you do mock interviews.

You should watch and analyze your recording after the interview and work on the areas of improvement to look for progress in the next recording. Video recording can be done using home cameras. It is not expensive but the value derived from video recording is immense.


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