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The biggest favor you can do to yourself in life is to figure out what you want in life while you have enough time left to achieve it.


I donít have too much to say on this. Figuring out what you want from life is a personal quest. The sooner you know what you want, the sooner you can get to achieving it.


This not only applies to your career but your family, health, personal development and relationships. The best way to start is to go to a serene place with a scratch pad and pen. Nature always inspires people to think big. So go into the mountains or near the ocean and think hard on what you want to get from life. Dream big but have a plan to make those dreams come true.


More precisely, think about the next five years, ten years and when you will retire. The areas to concentrate on are:


o       What kind of a person you want to be known as or become?

o       What personal development goals have you identified for yourself? Is it controlling your anger? Is it becoming more thoughtful? Is it becoming well read? Think hard.

        Your family

o       How many kids do you want to have?

o       Where do you want your kids to go to school/college?

o       How much will that cost you?

o       What is your plan to support your kidsí education?

o       What kind of a house you want to buy?

        Your health

o       Are you healthy right now?

o       Do you need to change your lifestyle to get healthy?

o       If you are suffering from some disease, what is your plan to cope with it and its cost?

o       What sports do you want to seriously pursue?

        Your career

o       Do you want to start your own business?

o       What position do you want to rise to in your current job?

o       What financial goals have you set for yourself?

o       What area of professional expertise do you want to develop?

        Charities/community service

o       Which causes do you want to support?

o       How much do you want to contribute and in what ways?

o       When do you want to contribute Ė today or when you retire?


o       When do you want to retire?

o       Where do you want to retire?

o       Do you have a solid plan to retire and maintain a decent lifestyle?

o       How much do you need to save to support that lifestyle?


These are all very important questions. When you figure out the answers, you will automatically see a clear path emerge in front of you. Life will become very easy. Try it.




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