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I am sure you must have found errors in my grammar, spelling or choice of words. Please send those errors my way by writing to feedback@interview101.com and I will fix them. Thanks a ton in advance for your help.


But it is not only about those nagging errors. I am more interested in hearing from you about your experiences in interviewing and career advancement. I plan to have a page on this website to share anonymous experiences for everybody to learn from. Let me know if you want your stories to be included on that page.


Please let me know how useful the information on this website was and how much did it help in your job search and interviewing. Also send me additional resources on the web or book recommendations that you have found useful. I will add them to this website for the benefit of others.


Or if you just feel like writing to somebody drop a line to feedback@interview101.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


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