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1 on 1 interview

This is the interview you have been preparing for. This entire website is to help you ace this interview.I would like to point out just a few things about 1 on 1 interview:

        Appearance is very important

        Be very professional

        Donít try to be funny if you cannot

        Donít make any inappropriate comments


Panel interview

This is also a face-to-face interview except that there is more than one interviewer. The interviewers try to play the good-cop/bad-cop in these situations. You will find one person really nice and throwing soft balls at you and another being nasty and throwing curve balls. Try to establish early rapport with both of them. Answer both their questions but try to drive interview towards the good-cop questions. Encourage him to ask more questions. Take turns paying attention to both of them while answering the question and not only to the person who asked the question.


Casual/Dinner/Party interview

These are tough interviews because there are too many things being evaluated and too many distractions. Companies do these mainly for middle to high level executives. It is not surprising to see the spouse invited too for the dinner. Usually there are two to three interviewers if it is a dinner interview. What appears to be a casual chat is actually a fine art of interviewing. They will even interview your spouse to find out how much of a family person you are and how it may affect your performance on the job.

Parties are even more serious business because there would be a ton of people evaluating you at the same time. They will observe your social interactions, your eating style, they will introduce you to all levels of people and see how you come across to people ranging from the CEO to the executive assistant. There are a few things that you should always be mindful of in such situations:

        Stay away from alcohol. There will always be opportunities to celebrate later.

        Donít focus on eating. Keep it to food that you can manage to nibble on while shaking hands with the CEO

        Avoid getting cold hands from holding soda cans. You will have to shake hands with a ton of people

        Research the individuals you expect to meet at the party and prepare topics for short conversations in advance

        Have your business card available for people you meet

        Donít be loud or hog the limelight. It is not your party.


Super Fridays

Super Fridays are generally a series of 7-8 interviews scheduled in a single day (usually on Fridays, hence the name). This is a very common interview format for college grads. Each interview can be totally different ranging from technical to stress to resume based to case studies. Be prepared for a big day when your intellect is truly tested. Companies really do a good job of selecting candidates on Super Fridays because those who get unanimous thumbs up are truly great candidates. Take care of the following if you are part of a super Friday extravaganza:

        Have a good breakfast (you will need every calorie)

        Practice quick recharging after an interview. Usually the interviews are back to back and you will not have time to relax and recharge.

        Practice letting go of a bad interview. Because the interviews are back to back, if you let a bad interview affect you, then you will do bad in all the following interviews

        Drink enough water to keep your throat from giving up on you.

        Carry a few Tylenol Ė you may need them

        Be cheerful and refreshed for every interview Ė carry a pack of freshening tissues for this

        Build on every interview Ė because you will learn about the company and position in each interview, use that information to your advantage and appear more informed in every subsequent interview

        Donít take a heavy lunch Ė there are usually 3-4 interviews scheduled after lunch and you donít want to be sleeping in those

        Exercise in the morning before the interviews


The key to all face-to-face interviews is just being natural. Do your best and have fun.


Resources for Dinner Interviews

Some good books


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