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There are thousands of applicants for a good position in any company. And hundreds of those people are well qualified for the position. What decides who gets an interview? Hard to tell but an ‘Extra Something’ can help. No, I am not asking you to bribe the recruiter. An ‘Extra Something’ is actually a sample of your work.


Most applicants for creative positions carry the portfolio of their work with them to show to the recruiters. Graphic artists, musicians, actors, painters, writers are not unaware of this. But for most professional positions, applicants do not carry their work. If you really want the job, carry a good sample of what you can do when you visit the company.


If you are applying for a financial analyst position, send a sample spreadsheet with complex financial models you have worked on along with your resume. If you are a computer programmer, write a small piece of software for the company and show how you plan to make things better around this company. If you are applying for a marketing position in a consumer goods company, show them a better alternative to their existing campaign or design a new marketing strategy for one of their existing products. If you are applying for an executive assistant position, carry a piece of folder that you might have designed to keep things organized.


The point is to demonstrate that you have initiative and are ready to put in that extra effort in this job. You are also demonstrating out of the box thinking which not many would do. It is not important that the marketing campaign be actually better than theirs (it should not be totally bad either). Just show that you have that ‘Extra Something’ and they will love you.


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