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People reach far-reaching conclusions by just looking at someone. First impressions are very important and you should dress up right for the interview. Below are some of the suggestions on dressing.


The Classic Dressing gives a perception that you are professional, reliable, consistent, dependable, organized and detail oriented. It is the most appropriate form of dressing for interviews.


The Smart Dressing gives a perception that you are creative, accessible, friendly, competent and original. This is very appropriate if interviewing for junior to middle level positions.



·        Classic Dressing – Pants with blouse or knit top and jacket (Highly recommended)

·        Smart Dressing – Pant/Skirt with blouse – knit top – vest (Also recommended)


Some Do’s and Don’ts

·        Do not wear jewelry that dangles or makes noise. Keep it minimal.

·        Do not wear makeup that grabs more attention that your skills

·        Do not wear very strong fragrance

·        Do not color your nails in off-beat colors

·        Do tie your hairs if they are too long



·        Classic Dressing – Jacket, Wool pants, Shirt and tie

·        Smart Dressing – Polo or knit shirts with collar, tie (optional), wool/cotton pants


Some Do’s and Don’ts

·        Do get a clean haircut

·        Do shave or trim your facial hair

·        Do not wear any unnecessary jewelry

·        Do wear a professional looking watch – not with colorful bands

·        Do not wear strong fragrance


Accessories for both Men and Women

·        A leather bag to carry your file of documents

·        A leather bound folder with your documents organized

·        A scratch pad

·        A professional looking writing instrument (pen or pencil)

·        A small calculator

·        Your business card

·        Some mint


If you are feeling good and confident, it will reflect in your performance. Dress up well so that the focus is on your skills and competence.


Dressing recommendations for Men

Classic Dressing

Smart Dressing

Accessories for Men

Dressing recommendations for Women

Classic Dressing

Smart Dressing

Accessories for Women



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