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You know how tough the competition is these days. So every little thing you can do to differentiate yourself will help you in getting that job you want. Most people will send their resumes, write emails or call the hiring manager. But there is nothing like showing up in person and telling them how much you want this job. It shows passion, initiative and effort. Companies love a person who demonstrates all those qualities.


When you have got that contact within the company from the job fair or from your friend, make a visit to the office and ask a short 5 minutes audience with them. Most likely they will oblige because you have taken time and effort to visit them.


Have your script ready for these five minutes. Have your introduction well-rehearsed. Donít plan to ask many questions. Just thank them for their time, make your best introduction and hand over your resume to them. Tell them that you are really interested in the position and would really appreciate an interview.


This effort of yours will make them give you a closer look and if you qualify, you will get an interview. You will not believe how many resumes just lie there without even being looked at. What this small visit does is that it pulls your resume from a big pile into the hands of the recruiter and forces them to give you a closer look.


If you are really interested in the company, invest in the air fare to visit them. I did it to visit Amazon.com in Seattle from San Francisco. That $210 investment has paid off many times over.


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