An interview is one of the most dreaded situations in professional life because it involves evaluation and possible rejection which is always hard to accept. Below is a course that combines Thorough Research, Persistent Preparation and Confident Performance to help you ace your interviews. I hope you will find it useful.


Thorough Research

Getting the interview

Know what you want

Know the industry

Know the company

Know the job/position


Informational interviews

Job fairs

Company visits

Extra something

Light up your network


Cover Letter


Persistent Preparation

Confident Performance

Types of interviews

Resume based interviews

Case interviews

Technical interviews

Stress interviews

Interview formats

Telephone interviews

In person (face to face) interviews

Practice interview questions

Prepare your script

Mock interviews & Video recording


Start the day on the bright side

Dress up for the interview

Ace the interview



About the instructor:

Shabbir Sharaf works as a Product Manager with and has an MBA from University of California, Berkeley. He has been part of both professional and technical recruiting circles for many years now and understands closely what interviewers look for in a candidate. This is an attempt to share his insights with the larger community so that everybody benefits from them.


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